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'The Introduction of Emily Morgan'

This is me, centre stage (which honestly isn't where I feel most comfortable, obviously this particular day was an exception but I am definitely more of a behind the scenes fangirl!) but yes this is me and my husband living the real-life 'Dream Wedding'. It wasn't until 3 years later that I decided to help create dream weddings for other wildly in love couples.

My previous life journey consisted of 10 years getting my hands dirty (literally) Veterinary Nursing. The best, most empowering but highly demanding and stressful years of my life. A seriously amazing job if anyone is considering it!

I also assisted The Wilde Florist, my fabulous mother, with many weddings over the years too. Which I am happy to say, created a wonderful friendship with many of the awesome vendors in the area.

Following my next journey through motherhood I came to a few cross roads and it wasn't until a close friend asked me to plan her wedding that this path was created and the one I decided to chase. Thank you my beautiful friend Cody.

Fast forward to now, I am just a young mum with big dreams and a big heart for lovers. This amazing journey has honestly created itself and I could not be more in love with it.

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